Mede-oprichter Freon Soly lanceert klimaatpetitie

Milan van der Meulen, mede-oprichter van Freon Soly, heeft samen met Rosa Anders een Europese Jongeren Klimaatpetitie gelanceerd op het Sziget Festival Nederland in Boedapest.

Tekst petitie
Lees hieronder de volledige tekst van de petitie (of teken hier):

Despite growing acknowledgement of the climate crisis, many countries are still not living up to the Paris Agreement and are unlikely to succeed in limiting the global temperature rise to the targeted 1.5°C. Millions of students have taken to the streets to demand action. We have launched a global fossil fuel divestment movement and are making our voices heard at the most prominent political events. Nevertheless, the status quo continues to put our futures in jeopardy. With each day of indecision, we are failing those who come after us.

With this global youth petition, we call for bold political action — in Europe and beyond.

The time is ripe. A new president of the European Commission has just been elected. We urge her to act. We want to see a Green Deal with Green Content: we demand net zero emissions and a 100% renewables-based economy well before 2050. We demand that EU countries close all coal-fired power plants, stop fossil fuel subsidies, introduce a fair and just carbon tax system, and invest in renewables and green public transport. Far from being a burden, this is an opportunity for growth that will result in a healthier and happier society.

We are committed to staying on the streets and continuing our climate strikes until our voices are heard in every European Union member state. By signing this petition, I express my support for the above demands and related initiatives like the global climate strikes between 20-27 september.